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Color version of Truth: A look at evolving truth in the new earth paradigm

What is the truth? What is the right thing to do? These are questions we humans have been asking for millennia. Yet in this new earth and with new humanity arising in the wake of the old, these questions are … Continue reading

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Manifesting Possibilities

 New moon is always a good time to set intentions and let the universe know what it is that you wish to create. The Hathor method of manifesting outcomes is both simple and effective. Combine it with the new moon … Continue reading

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Sacred Water: Let It Heal You

A lot has been written about water. The giver of life; that unique molecule H2O. Yet we are still discovering how amazing it is. During these times of evolving consciousness and shifting energies we can use it to heal ourselves, … Continue reading

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Significance of Water – Abraham Hicks

“There was a time when the leading edge creator on this planet was a drop of water. It is the basis of that which you are. It was the beginning of consciousness. Literally. ” YouTube video by TheConsciousMamas

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Abraham Hicks – God

One of the best “definitions” of God I have ever heard. Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, explains how we are not separate from Source-God-Love-All There Is. YouTube video by Gisele Frederich – credits of all my vids are at the … Continue reading

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You are Divinity at Play

This site is starting with an inner guidance. Yesterday these words started pouring out of me and I had an overwhelming push to publish them. You can say all the intense energies are flowing through me and taking on an … Continue reading

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