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Orchidium – A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

As usual Hathors come through with a very timely message. It certainly explains a lot of what’s going on. When I tried the meditation myself, the nurturing that I felt was very deep, almost primal. My body certainly remembers its … Continue reading

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Sacred Water: Let It Heal You

A lot has been written about water. The giver of life; that unique molecule H2O. Yet we are still discovering how amazing it is. During these times of evolving consciousness and shifting energies we can use it to heal ourselves, … Continue reading

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Significance of Water – Abraham Hicks

“There was a time when the leading edge creator on this planet was a drop of water. It is the basis of that which you are. It was the beginning of consciousness. Literally. ” YouTube video by TheConsciousMamas

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Abraham Hicks – God

One of the best “definitions” of God I have ever heard. Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, explains how we are not separate from Source-God-Love-All There Is. YouTube video by Gisele Frederich – credits of all my vids are at the … Continue reading

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You are Divinity at Play

This site is starting with an inner guidance. Yesterday these words started pouring out of me and I had an overwhelming push to publish them. You can say all the intense energies are flowing through me and taking on an … Continue reading

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