Color version of Truth: A look at evolving truth in the new earth paradigm

What is the truth? What is the right thing to do? These are questions we humans have been asking for millennia. Yet in this new earth and with new humanity arising in the wake of the old, these questions are yet at a new level as well.3_blind_men

The nature of “truth” maybe best described by the old Indian story about “Blind men and an elephant”. Each blind man feels and describes a different part of the elephant and at first they are in complete disagreement. Each believes firmly in his own truth. Finally when a sighted man arrives and sees the whole elephant they not only learn that they are blind but that each man was speaking his own truth. While one’s subjective experience is true, it may not be the totality of truth.

With the influx of high energies we humans are beginning to realize that we are blind. Blind to everything outside of our current understanding and capabilities. While in the past we labeled anything outside of our current understanding as fallacy, we are now beginning to realize there are many truths, each part of a bigger truth we are not yet ready to comprehend or digest. Remember Galileo? Newton? “Earth is flat” argument?

What if this story applies to evolution vs creationism argument? Global warming? Different religions and gods? Now we start getting uncomfortable don’t we? What if the answer is “Yes” to all of the above. Yes evolution is true, yes creationism is true. Yes global warming is true but also yes this is a natural bigger earth cycle is also true. Yes each religion is true? Yes many species are dying but yes it doesn’t mean it is the end of our beautiful earth. What if all are true? As our boundaries and comfort zones are pushed we start resisting. Yet that is where our evolution lies. That is the place where new earth and new humanity will spring from. Yes it will be uncomfortable yet we need to get out of our comfort zone and be willing to look at things with new eyes. That is where the leading edge of life is.

What about death? If there is no death and the whole world is an illusion then I can kill and abuse and destroy with no problems right? Yes and yes but as we incorporate and realize more versions of the truth our ethical dilemmas are heightened. Yet it is the inquiry of these dilemmas that will aid us the most. Not the answers but the inquiry is the key. Maybe like Einstein said, our answers to the new ethical moral dilemmas lie in a whole new paradigm. We can no longer answer with simple black & white yes-no answers. We need to find the rainbow colors of truth. That is where our answers lie. Yet they won’t be the ultimate truth either. There will always be a bigger truth we are blind to. The difference is the new human will know that his version of the truth is only his current truth not the ultimate truth, which will evolve and expand as he evolves and expands.

Here is to our human journey on the path of truth. Here is to rejoicing in our discomfort of new dilemmas, here is to celebrating our expanding boundaries. Let’s find the rainbow. Time to upgrade from Black & White to Color don’t you think?

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