You are Divinity at Play

This site is starting with an inner guidance.

Yesterday these words started pouring out of me and I had an overwhelming push to publish them. You can say all the intense energies are flowing through me and taking on an expression of their own. Time will tell where it will all lead.

So Here we go!

I came to earth at this time to be a special kind of teacher. My profession is not teaching, but I am here to be a reminder to others. Not because earth needed a teacher either, but because I love experiencing the joy of teaching. I came to experience the joy of reminding others what they forgot. I love playing the game of forgetting and then remembering. It is so fun when I finally remember. Such exhilaration.
So here I am ready to experience reminding everyone — and that includes myself, I decide that I should relate to others more closely. Maybe I can teach more effectively when I experience what they experience, when I feel what they feel. So I start letting myself forget even more in order to experience that of others. Then one day I find myself lost, confused, sad & defiant because I let myself forget, because I wanted to relate closely to those that I wanted to teach, because I wanted to experience what it was like forget who I really AM.
Then came one day and I started finding breadcrumbs along my path, left by mySelf – the source – to remind me what I forgot. At first those breadcrumbs looked as if some mysterious being was guiding me, helping me. It was, but that was also me, the part of me that decided to forget that I was God – consciousness that is expanding, that I was everything/nothing, that I was the Source, that I was Divinity. Which is everything that I wanted to experience remembering again, and experience reminding all those around me again.
Here I am at that precious, sacred, joyful and sometimes frustrating place/precipice of both not-remembering and remembering. Both having a burning desire to remind and remember. There are moments of Grace when I can feel anything I touch, think or speak just glows and remembers it’s essence of being God, of being the creative force/source of the multi-verse. That’s when my heart skips with joy because I am finally fulfilling on what I came here to do. The joy of remembering and reminding is ecstasy. The contrast of forgetting and burning with the desire to get back to remembering and reminding is what propels life force through me.
Thank you universe-God-source-myself for letting me have this experience. It is so good to feel that consciousness is expanding and that God is “growing” through me because of me. Such joy.

Come JOIN ME. Remember and remind me that you/we/me are ONE and WE are Divinity playing a fun game of expanding.


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